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Attendance for our students is extremely important. To show up every day and on time. Please click the link to see how you can help.

District Registration Forms

PDFs to print ahead and save time before visiting the PACE Center.

UPDATE: Pre-School Applications now available!

ELL Video Resources

Native Language Videos for English Language Learners from PACE. To be used as an introduction to SPS policies and a tool to assist your ELL families.

English Language Learners Language Assessments (for non-native English speakers)

The mission of Springfield Public Schools and the Office of English Language Acquisition is to support schools to implement research-based instructional approaches to ensure English Language Learners attain English proficiency in reading, writing, speaking and listening and have meaningful access to state curriculum standards.

Home City Families

Home•City•Families offers a network of information, support and programming for the families in Springfield.

Homeless Education Services

The Homeless Education Services department works with the families of children in the Springfield Public Schools who are considered homeless.

How to Obtain a Work Permit

Work permit applications and work permits may be obtained at the Parent and Community Engagement Center, located at 91 School Street.

METCO (Metropolitan Council for Educational Opportunity)

The METCO Program is a grant program funded by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Applications are accepted to this program between Feb 1 and April 1 each year.

PACE Center Health Services

Nurses provide health related support to families during the registration process.

PACE Center Resource Room

The PACE Resource Room is a space to provide parents, community members and staff with a variety of resources including printed promotional materials, lending library, access to computers, playgroups for families with young children and structured presentations, workshops and courses.